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Eliyahu Yosef Parypa - a photographer and an artist. Born and raised in Poland, but learned life and photography in Brooklyn, NY and Manhattan area working with the best photographers in the world. For over 10 years of photography journey photographs taken by Eliyahu Yosef were published in the biggest, popular and well known magazines and newspapers in the world, including many from the very top in the media and press world. His huge passion is aviation. He is a well-known, one of the very few professional aviation photographers in the country. He is known to many as “Living the Dream” photographer. Eliyahu offers professional photography for many occasions: Jewish weddings, family portraits, Jewish family events, commercial photography and photojournalism. Many couples and families already trusted Eliyahu and they are very happy. They love the style of pictures, creative ideas and original style.

Emunah Photography is a Kosher and Shomer Shabbos business. Name Emunah Photography was chosen not by accident. Emunah is something very special in life of every Jew, without Emunah we are getting lost… Emunah Photography is truly family business run by Eliyahu, his wife Chaya and 8years old daughter Sarah.
Eliyahu offers free photography service to everyone who need professional photographer and can’t afford to hire one! Every Kallah and every Jewish family deserve to have memory from the event saved forever!

Eliyahu Yosef Parypa has few letters of recommendation from Rabbis. Letters can be reviewed after request.


·  Eliyahu is professional photographer. This is not a side job, gig or hobby, that’s what he does for a living.
·  PARYPA (pronunciation: PA – REE – PA) Means “steed/beautiful horse” in Hungarian language
·  As a photojournalist, Eliyahu covered many significant breaking news stories from all over the country, including Presidential Inauguration, Chabad Lubavitch Kinus Shluchim, Sandy Hook / Newtown, CT Tragedy, Retirement mission of Space Shuttle Discovery.
·   Eliyahu Yosef is a well-known Aviation Photographer. You can find his pictures all over the world in Aviation related newspapers, magazines and advertisements of many well-known major international and domestic airlines.
·  You can find his pictures in Britannica Encyclopedia.
·  One of the NY Times Best Selling authors decided to use picture taken by Eliyahu as a cover of one of the books about Art and Art Hunting.
·  Eliyahu is known to many people as a “Living The Dream” Photographer, as his favorite quotation is: Living The Dream! Photography was always his dream. Started from the very bottom and make his way up and become professional photographer that is Living the Dream!
·  Eliyahu Yosef and Emunah Photography offers Jewish Wedding Photography, Family Portraits,  Jewish Events coverage, Photojournalism and Commercial Photography.

You can find work of Eliyahu Yosef Parypa published and used by:
The Jewish Star
Yiddish News
Washington Jewish Week
The Jewish Chronicle
Israel National News
Forbes Magazine
Wall Street Journal
NY Post
Baltimore Sun
Market Watch Magazine
Live Strong
Medical Daily
Encyclopedia Britannica
NY Times Best Selling Authors Book
Brooklyn Eagle
CBS News
USA Today
The Dispatch
Ocean City Chambers of Commerce
Ocean City Police Department
Ocean City Fire Department
World Airshow News
Mommy Knows Best - baby products
NPR News
Sesame Street magazine
Eco Watch magazine
President and CEO Magazine
Flyer Talk
Fodor's Travel Magazine
Air and Space Magazine
PC World Magazine
Warbird Heritage Foundation
The Diplomat
The Art Hunters Handbook (book)
Drug Abuse Prevention (book)
American Flag: The Story of Old Glory (book)
The First Airplanes (book)
Failurs of Imagination by Michael McCaul (book cover)




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